SoundDock for iPod and iPhone

Rediscover your iPod music

Acclaimed performance

Auxiliary input

Convenient remote

Elegant design


•  Same award-winning performance of our original SoundDock® digital music system, redesigned with added features


•  Ideal for use in kitchen, bedroom, living room—practically anywhere in your home


•  Improved remote controls basic iPod® functions including playlist navigation


•  Auxiliary input for use with other sound sources, e.g., MP3 or DVD/CD player


•  Compatible with all iPhone® and most iPod models

SoundDock systems revitalize your favorite tunes with sound quality you may never have experienced from your iPod. All feature unique Bose technologies delivering performance beyond their size. In fact, our flagship SoundDock 10 system performs more like a much larger, more complex stereo—it could easily become the main music system in your home.


The SoundDock family shares a clean, contemporary design that complements any living space. And the systems are all easy to use—just dock your iPod or iPhone™ and play. Experience SoundDock systems for yourself. And hear what you’ve been missing from your favorite music.

Innovative Bose technologies deliver quality sound from one-piece systems.

Controls SoundDock system plus basic iPod functions, including playlist navigation.

Connect and play other MP3 players or a portable DVD/CD player.

Clean lines accentuate sleek systems that complement almost any room in your home.

•  Works with and charges iPod and iPhone models with an Apple Lightning connector


•  Quality performance in a compact size that fits almost anywhere in your home


•  Auxiliary input for other audio devices (tablet, MP3 player)

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